Have a happy financial life.

From the President

Welcome to a happier experience: financial advice by a fiduciary.* 

Married business owners can now receive independent, comprehensive advice on their personal finances. You can collaborate with an adviser while on retainer or for an hourly fee without the pressure of product sales.  You can now take a meeting with an adviser virtually, see and store all of your financial data in one on-line portal.  You can be served without constantly being sold.  You can be happy about your money.

Contact me if:

  • You are not happy with your personal financial life
  • You are a very busy, married business owner (like me!)
  • You are a 9 to 5'er married to a business owner
  • You don't have the time to monitor investments
  • You want a wealth strategy from a "fee only" fiduciary*
  • You like working with fellow entrepreneurs

If you saw yourself in any of the statements above, I can help you.  

You can finally have someone separate your personal financial life from your business financial life.  You can have a third person help manage the tough conversations with your spouse, about your financial futures.

With Jason Howell Company, you can finally have a happy financial life.

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Jason J. Howell

President | Fiduciary Wealth Adviser


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