Jason Howell Company is a family wealth management firm for community leaders in industry, academia, and philanthropy.

Together we build a sustainable investing, planning and governance strategy for those with a mission mindset. Our favorite clients are leaders who are willing and able to create more than just a retirement plan.



Many of our clients donate time, talent and "treasure" to causes and organizations they believe in. There are multiple ways we partner with our clients for financial philanthropy. Some of those methods include using:

  • Donor Advised Funds
  • Fiscal Sponsorships
  • Community Foundations
  • Direct Donations

Developing a plan for philanthropy begins with securing our client's personal life goals that require money. We then walk through what's still "available" to invest into their community passion through philanthropy.  



We too have a philanthropy mindset and made the decision to donate 1% of our firm's annual revenue to nonprofit organizations. We stay accountable to this goal by partnering with 1% for the Planet. And the organization that we support as a firm is Northern Virginia Food Rescue. To watch our interview with !% for the Planet's CEO Kate Williams, just click here.

NOVA Food Rescue uses Food Rescue Hero technology to rally a community of millions. County by county, neighborhood by neighborhood, CEO Aaron Tolson and his team have a not-so-secret mission to end hunger in Virginia or at least ensure that food is accessible to everyone who wants it. All we have to do is eliminate food waste and as a byproduct, reduce methane gases which will preserve the atmosphere on our planet #WinWinWin. To see some of our interview with Aaron, just click here



We are focused on serving leaders who have the capacity and the passion to pour back into the community It transforms investors and stockholders into to true stakeholders and helps you to "Feel good about your money." 


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