You Want to Do Something Special

Most of our clients are double-income, Gen-X parent households who have earned or inherited an unexpected amount of wealth.

One or both of you may earn income from a successful small business. You don't consider yourself "old" but you are old enough to start thinking about your legacy. You don't consider yourself "rich" but you want your savings to grow, be intentionally invested and professionally protected. You may have even (surprisingly) received or been promised an inheritance; and you feel a responsibility to do something special with your life.

How will you do special things with your money?  See our Investment Philosophy..

You fit our ideal client profile if:  

  • You have over $500,000 and want your investments to reflect your values
  • You want to volunteer and donate to organizations that support your causes
  • You work 50+ hours a week either at home, your office or home office
  • You want your money to work as hard (or harder) than you do
  • You are a highly educated, highly skilled professional (couple)
  • You and time don’t get along (you never have enough of it)
  • You like to work with decision makers, not employees of "big box" firms

You have always believed that by this time in your life, you would be able to make a difference. You have always been right. Let us show you how

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