From our beginning, the Jason Howell Company set out to help families make the transition from first generation (individual wealth) to family wealth. The best way to do that? Develop strategic partners to our firm who can serve as members of your team of advisors. 

As we welcome you to our family of clients, we invite you to a professional network of experts. There are no strangers here. We have worked closely with these independent professionals on behalf of our clients; many of them for years. You want to be able to make one phone call, send one text or send one email to get access to an expert in their field (who knows the other experts). With our solution - a "virtual family office" -  you get that

You share your goals with us and we collaborate with experts to ensure you have access to specialists for all areas of your financial life. 

Click the pictures below to get a feel for their stories and how they might serve your family.