"How are you paid? Is there a minimum balance required to work with you?"

Jason Howell Company (JHCo.) is paid exclusively by clients - i.e. "fee only" - and receives no commissions or kickbacks from any source.

When we manage your assets, our investment management fee is an annual 1% for up to $2,000,000 and 0.75% after that. Our ideal clients have at least $500,000 for us to manage. In that way our business model is fairly comparable to traditional investment advisers.

In 2018, Jason Howell Company was featured in the New York Times for serving clients with a "flat fee" option. We are proud to continue offering that flexibility. If you consider yourself a potential client, have a strong household income and are a good saver please contact us. You belong here. 

"What is Sustainable Responsible Investing (SRI)?"

It's an investing discipline that adds consideration of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors to an overall investment philosophy. 

Using SRI or ESG as a factor in an investment strategy DOES NOT substitute for an overall investment philosophy grounded in academia. We work as fiduciaries for the benefit of our clients. This means we optimize our clients portfolios for both shareholder and stakeholder performance. We believe it takes money to make positive changes in our world and we empower our community of clients to do just that: change the world. #DoGoodWhileDoingWell

For more about our investment strategy, click here

"When you manage my investments, where is it managed?"

As a registered investment adviser, Jason Howell Company (JHCo.) has an independent, "institutional" relationship with custodians. For example, new accounts are opened with Schwab Advisor Services. Schwab Advisor Services serves independent investment advisors and includes the custody, trading and support services of Schwab. Independent investment advisors are not owned by, affiliated with or supervised by Schwab. Charles Schwab Co. Inc (Schwab). All rights reserved. Member SIPC. You will have a private login to monitor your account.

In addition to our statements and monthly client letter, you will also receive statements directly from Schwab.

"What's the profile of your typical client? Who do you work with?"

Our mission is to financially enable the lives of first generation success stories who (silently) suffer from imposter syndrome.

We build sustainable, diverse investment portfolios, comprehensive financial plans and a family governance process to reduce the tension around money. 

Specifically, our typical "first generation" client households include dual income parents who work, save and have just the right amount of fun. They trend a little older - Gen-Xers (born 1965 - 1980) and Boomers (born 1946 - 1964) - but we're starting to see more Millennials (born 1981 to 1996) who don't want to wait until it's too late. They earn impressive incomes and have accumulated (or are accumulating) a good bit of savings. As experts themselves, they expect transparency and expertise from people they hire.  

Most of our clients live in the Washington, DC area - especially Northern Virginia - but we have clients we love in multiple states and have run a virtual practice since before the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Our best clients are typically just "good savers" who are trying to do the right thing for their families and communities. For more, see Who You Are.

"What is "proactive philanthropy?"

Many of our clients donate time, talent and "treasure" to causes and organizations they believe in. There are multiple ways we partner with our clients for financial philanthropy. Some of those methods include using:

  • Donor Advised Funds
  • Fiscal Sponsorships
  • Community Foundations
  • Direct Donations

Developing a proactive plan for philanthropy begins with securing our client's personal life goals. This discussion comes after we complete the first iteration of a client's financial plan. We see how much money is available and "work backwards" so our clients can do their giving while living. 

"What is Family Governance?"

We've defined it as, "Our system for developing high-net-worth and high-self-worth for each of our client families, for generations."  We aspire to transform our clients into patriarchs and matriarchs of their families and communities. We do this through the Investment Strategy, and philanthropic strategy we design with you. We begin by equipping our clients with three (3) tools that make their wealth, well, useful:

  1. Your Personal ROADMAP (PR) which identifies 40 to 60 recommendations to enhance your financial plan (the "what")
  2. Your Implementation Guide (IG) which priorities (by month) when you ought to implement those recommendations (the "why")
  3. Your Family Constitution (FC) which clarifies how those recommendations connect to your values (the "why")

We call this process Family Governance. It goes beyond traditional financial planning by adding a "values" component. We incorporate what you want to do with your family and in your community so you can "Feel good about your money."

"What is the process like for getting started?"

Since the onset of COVID-19, parts of our process have changed but your first step is still to contact the firm to schedule a free introductory phone call:

  • You will likely speak with Jason Howell to discuss what currently concerns you about your life and finances
  • You will then receive an email that includes a review of the conversation, sample agreements and an invitation to meet again (virtually or in-person)
  • You will have multiple opportunities to ask questions and finally make a decision about working together

If we mutually decide to work together, there is no need to print anything. We will resend our agreements through DocuSign for your signature. 

To start feeling more confidence and less anxiety about your money decisions, schedule a no obligation Introductory Call



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