"In everything we do, we believe in strengthening families as they make the transition from first generation success stories to family wealth." 

- Jason Howell, Founder


Having spent a lot of time in the Washington, DC area, we are aware that many people who are first generation wealth suffer from a kind of "financial imposter syndrome." Successful entrepreneurs always feel like they need to stay busy; government contractors worry about the next contract; former Capitol Hill staffers privately wonder why they should "feel bad" for the money they make in "industry." Imposter syndrome is even common among people who work for the many corporate headquarters based in this area as well. These feelings get in the way of properly managing and preserving wealth and families.

The way we strengthen families begins with empathy and at times, a little humor. We listen. We offer access to our knowledge, experience and our strategic partnerships. We believe strong families are a powerful forces for good in the world. We envision a world where families grow closer together, give generously and govern themselves in ways that enrich their local communities.

We chose wealth management as a way to serve those "forces of good." Co-owners Jason J. Howell, CFP®, CPWA®, CSRIC® and Douglas W. Tees, MBA, CFP®, CAP weren't born into families that used wealth advisors but after years - and former careers - they eliminated their own financial imposter syndrome and became wealth advisors themselves. 

What exactly do we do for our clients? See our "Process and Outcomes" below. 



Our client relationships begin with a conversation (empathy and humor), a follow up and a decision on whether to work together. If there's a fit, we begin the process of sharing access.to knowledge and our strategic partners.

You will get access to our alternative and sustainable Investment Strategy, and three (3) tools (i.e. deliverables) for empowering meaningful wealth: 

  1. Your Family ROADMAP (FR) which identifies 40 to 60 recommendations to form your financial plan (the "what")
  2. Your Family Implementation Guide (FIG) which priorities (by month) the implement those recommendations (the "when")
  3. Your Family Constitution (FC) which clarifies how those recommendations connect to your values (the "why")

Beyond these "deliverables," our relationship will eventually grow into us becoming confidants, cheerleaders and a consistently objective presence in your financial life. The outcome? We strengthen your family legacy and empower you to contribute to the good in your world (and ours). 


How did we get started and where are we going? Continue below. 



The Jason Howell Company family wealth management firm began as an idea. When it's namesake learned you could start what is known as a "registered investment advisory (RIA)" company, he had only 9 months prior gotten started working at New York Life Insurance Company (NYLIC) as an agent. Less than a year earlier he had just lost an election to become Virginia's 8th Congressional District's first Independent U.S. Congressman. After the election he was invited to breakfast by a 3rd generation NYLIC agent. That agent suggested "meeting his boss." Jason figured that if he couldn't write the financial laws to protect all families at once, he could at least help individual families, one at a time as a financial advisor. 

After two and a half years of learning how the insurance brokerage business worked and studying other service models, he decided to start an RIA. Yes, instead of just joining an established one, he started his own. In November of 2015, the fee-only, fiduciary Jason Howell Company (JHCo.) was founded. The goal of JHCo. was and is to help families make informed decisions (without commission sales of financial products). Keeping the interests of clients above the advisor was the premise for the 2016 Department of Labor "Fiduciary Rule." Not long after the JHCo. launch, Jason was invited to speak about the "Fiduciary Rule" by ABC network's News Channel 8

In 2017 Jason took on an employee and by 2019, a partner: Doug Tees. Since joining the firm Doug has become an important part of what is now an ensemble practice. This means that all JHCo. clients receive the attention of both advisors . The partners also lead the team of other wealth professionals - estate planners, tax accountants, insurance agents, etc. - to protect and serve client families. 

Since 2019 the firm has experienced and survived the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and the historical Federal Funds rate increases of 2022. In between both Jason and Doug have earned multiple letters after their names, calmed clients during violent market swings and created dozens of Financial Roadmaps, Financial Implementation Guides and Family Constitutions. We've also earned some good press.

With access to the knowledge and tools used by "big box brokerages," Jason Howell Company is positioned to compete with the largest RIAs and private banking entities in the world. 

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Jason J. Howell CFP®, CPWA®, CSRIC®

President | Family Wealth Adviser

One of Jason's great passions is his alma mater, George Mason University and its Costello College of Business. There he teaches the next generation of financial advisers in Mason's Introduction to Financial Planning and Wealth Management course. Jason is the founding Council Chair for Mason's Financial Planning and Wealth Management Advisory Board and he has spent many years serving on Mason's School of Business Alumni Board. 

"George Mason University is where my sister attended, where for a brief stint, my father taught and where they wanted me to attend. Now that they've passed on, I keep their memory going by staying connected to the university, " says Jason.

Before founding Jason Howell Company, Jason enjoyed a wide-ranging career that included years in banking, accounting, music, academia and politics; which have all informed his financial advice. 

"The pandemic, social unrest and political distress of 2020 pushed our clients to focus on the environmental, social and governance impacts of their investing; all this while becoming more proactive with their philanthropy. The volatility of 2022 opened their minds to private investments (outside of the public stock market). There are more opportunities available to successful clients than there ever have been and that can be intimidating. We clear up the confusion reduce the anxiety and empower our clients to become powerful forces for good in the world."  

For more about Jason's career and to read his full biography, see his Linkedin Profile



Douglas W. Tees MBA, CFP®, CAP®

COO | Family Wealth Adviser

One of Doug's great passions is service to the developmentally disabled. His career began as a case manager and continued on that trajectory for over 4 years until earning his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University

"Service has always been important to me; whether as a professional, family member or volunteer. I see how important volunteering and philanthropy is to our clients and it is just inspiring." says Doug.

Doug has maintained his interest in social service in particular. Over the years he has devoted time to several volunteer experiences, serving the special needs community. Locally he's been a graduate of Leadership Fairfax and continues to participate on the board for Langley Residential Support Services where he has served for over a decade.

For Jason Howell Company, Doug serves clients by getting into the important details of their financials in a way that many financial advisers find too tedious. And when it comes to the compliance, cybersecurity, client privacy and operations of the firm writ large; well, anyone who knows anything about those areas of our business, understands that he earns a medal for his work every week.

For more about Doug's career and to read his full biography, see his Linkedin Profile.


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