Philanthropy with Fiscal Sponsorship

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"Determine what your personal mission would be around philanthropy. Doing some values exercises around that. Everybody gets so intimidated when they want to get started.  Sit down and answer simple questions like, "Growing up, when you got to participate or be part of  what community (when you felt you were doing the best) did you enjoy the most?  What was the best gift that you've ever given?"

We have a list of questions that we can give out that get to that point of really, where have I made the most impact?  And sometimes it won't be the time you wrote the biggest check. It'll be the time when you were in there with a team of people fixing something or helping in some way or building a community in some way."

- Julia Healey, CEO of United Charitable 


After spending the first half of her career as an accountant, in 2019, Julia Healey took the helm of Northern Virginia based nonprofit, United Charitable. On November 17th (2021), Ms. Healey joined our "Zoominars" to discuss how social entrepreneurs no longer have to start nonprofits from scratch. 

Without becoming experts on legal paperwork or building up a staff, mission-oriented people can transforms their passions into actions. Key to making that happen is leveraging the benefits of "fiscally sponsored programs." 

During our less than a 30 minute conversation, Ms. Healey answers the questions:

  • How hard is it to start a nonprofit organization (NPO)?
  • What is the difference between a NPO and a not-for-profit organization? 
  • What is "fiscal sponsorship?" 
  • How is fiscal sponsorship different from a donor advised fund? 
  • How can we become "social entrepreneurs?" 
  • Why we should all #GoBirds




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