Quoted in Insider.com: "Financial planners say 3 tricks always help their clients get out of debt fast"

Jason Howell |

"When our clients have debt, the best methodology we share with them is an attention to detail. All of our clients want to pay off their debt. We help them see the opportunities within their portfolio to reduce their debt consistently and/or all at once," Jason Howell, financial planner at Jason Howell Company, tells Insider. 

Howell encourages his clients to focus on eliminating consumer debt, then getting back to building savings. Sometimes that means making a decision between whether they should change their 401(k) contributions or take a pause on funding their 529 plan to pay off certain debt. Howell considers this a way to optimize cash flow. 

- Jason J. Howell, CFP®, CPWA®, CSRIC®


In the article, financial planners discuss how to:

1. Figure out what got you there in the first place

2. Write down all your debts in one place

3. Take an overall look at your financial picture and re-prioritize if needed


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