Roe v. Wade Reversal: Change Finance Responds

Jason Howell |

"The first thing you have to do is actually know what's in your portfolio. What are the funds you are holding, but also what companies are those funds holding. Until you actually know what you are invested in, and most of us don't, it's pretty hard to know how to move forward. Log into your brokerage/investment account/401(k), and start to learn what you are actually holding. If you want to start to learn a little bit about the ESG profiles of the funds you are holding, AsYouSow, EthosESG and YourStake all have some great tools...where you can go get information about the exposure your fund has to fossil fuel, what gender equality looks like in your fund and exposures to all different sorts of issues you might care about."

- Dorrit Lowsen, President, COO, Change Finance


The U.S. Supreme Court's recent reversal of the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision has provided many business with new, difficult decisions. Employees, customers and investors are asking corporate leaders to express their opinion on an issue where they know some will disagree. Dorrit Lowsen, President of the Change Finance, took some time to explain how her fund is leading the fight against policies that restrict reproductive health. Our discussion covered:

  1. Why these policies are "bad for business"
  2. How Change Finance is working to mitigate harm
  3. Ways to participate in "proxy voting" and "corporate engagement"

Specifically, Dorrit took the time to answer:

  • What is corporate engagement?
  • What is proxy voting?
  • Why was the Roe v. Wade reversal "bad for business?"
  • How is Change Finance specifically working to mitigate harm?
  • What can individuals do to support corporate policies they want to see in the world?



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