Transforming Pan-American Lives Through Music

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"Realize, it's not just your dollars that you can give; it's your time and your knowledge and your expertise in whatever field. that you're in. Think about what moves you and what you feel connected to do. Do your due diligence in terms of the organizations in your community that you can really be helpful to and that you feel a connection to. Because we really do need help; all nonprofits really need more support be it donations, time, expertise...I think that every can benefit for the organization itself but also for themselves in feeling connected in a way that is a little bit difficult with the pandemic."

- Katarina Weir, Co-CEO, Executive Director, The Orchestra of the Americas Group 


Much of her life has been spent all over the world but Katarina Weir nearly the past 16 years as an integral part of an organization that is transforming lives for the better. Over that span of time Ms. Weir has led The Orchestra for the Americas (OA) Group to become a pioneer in the field of music education. Along with supporters like Yo-Yo Ma, Carlos Miguel Prieto, Plácido Domingo (and their donors), the OA Group has supported over 400 orchestral performances in more than 35 countries. Young adults return their countries - throughout North, South and Central America - better prepared to impact their communities and launch their musical careers.

During our 30 minutes conversation, Ms. Weir answered the following questions:

  • How does music empower young adults to reach their potential? 
  • How was The Orchestra for the Americas (OA) Group formed? 
  • What are some of OA's successes? 
  • What do you see as the future of economic development in the Americas?
  • What can we do? 




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