(VIDEO) Addressing the Economic "Cliff Effect" in Arlington, VA

Jason Howell |

"Learn about the other people living in their community. Having an orientation to considering your own financial growth.."  and financial capability and financial literacy; and how you can help provide those skills to others in the community."  

- Christy Cole

There are hundreds of community foundations all over the country and a handful right here in Northern Virginia. Anne Vor der Bruegge and Christy Cole of the Arlington Community Foundation share their experience with the economic cliff effect (click to watch video explainer) and how unconditional cash programs can fill the gaps between growing income and reduced government benefits. 

Anne and and Christy answer the following questions:

  • What financial challenges do you see in successful counties in like Arlington? 
  • What is the "cliff effect?" 
  • Why is "unconditional cash" the answer? 
  • How can professional advisers be part of the solution? 
  • How can citizens do more (besides just donating)? 

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