(VIDEO) The Expanding Business of Well-Being

Jason Howell |

"There has to be a physical component. You can't be all digital; it's just not going to work. It's all hybrid now. There's no such thing as ALL digital. There's people who've dreamed of this for 30 years. I remember the early days of the internet. We got a taste of it and I don't think it's going to work. Remember the physical side. Get outside!" 

- Dr. David Miller


Dr. David Miller is something of a rockstar at George Mason University. In addition to teaching David is also the Director of the Mason Innovation Lab His research focuses on the university as an entrepreneurial ecosystem. "Stakeholder Capitalism," "Sustainable Investing" and "Profits with Purpose" are now common lexicon for "business well-being." Watch Dr. Miller participate in a timely conversation.

David answers these questions:

  • How does well-being fit into the world of business? 
  • What is "place-based" investing? 
  • What is experiential entrepreneurship? 
  • What is "Build Back Dream Forward?" 
  • How do you encourage well-being in a digital, post-COVID world? 



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