You just want to know if you are doing everything right.

You came of age in the 1990s.  You're in 40s  or 50s, you have kids and well, you're getting gray.  You never really liked the title "Generation X" but there's a part of you that does like the fact that no one could come up with a kitschy name for your age group. You remember a time when music had categories, the internet was a new thing and scary movies were important because there was no such thing as "9/11."

You know yourself better than  you ever did before but now you're an indelible part of a couple.  You and your significant other are raising a family and one of you "adults" is an entrepreneur.  You're at a point in your lives where you know what you want and you are on the path to getting those things.  You're just not quite sure if you're doing all of the right financial things.  You understand that preparing for something called "retirement" is important but you're just as concerned about cash flow, communicating about money as a family, debt management and maximizing employer benefits. 

To be fair, you're rightfully a little skeptical of anyone who calls themselves a "financial anything" which is why you've not truly engaged a financial planner before.  You may have a financial advisor/planner but you've never really engaged him/her.

You're looking for a company you can trust; one that's entrepreneurial and not too "corporate." You value transparency and appreciate professionals who can translate what they believe, how they charge and what makes them different.  

We believe a financial plan is more important than just investment management.  We charge a flat fee of $2,500 for a comprehensive plan we call a ROADMAP.  We look for clients who are just like us (married, entrepreneurial, parents).  And that's what makes us different.

If these values make sense to you, the Jason Howell Company can be an important part of your financial life.


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