August 6, 5:31 pm EST. Last month we wrote about the “disconnect” between stock market indices and the “real” economic challenges we face. This month we’ll focus on the reality: we’re within 2% of where the average market indices were before COVID-19 dominated our lives. Commodity prices for gold and silver are “up” because many fear inflation is near and bond interest rates (returns) are near zero. If you’re an investor and healthy, you’re doing alight, for the fourth month in a row.
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Navigating Private Philanthropy During COVID-19

COVID-19 highlighted many of the social ills that philanthropists and non-profits have dealt with for decades. We invited Peter Lipsett of DonorsTrust ( and Catherine Schott Murray of Odin, Feldman, & Pittleman, P.C. ( and The Community Foundation for Northern Virginia ( to share their experience and expertise. They discussed what Community Foundations do for the community; how donor advised funds provide charitable flexibility; and how low-profile non-profits are surviving!
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Municipal Bond Investing During a Pandemic!

COVID-19 health crisis and fluctuating stock market make it hard to stick with your investment plan. Micah Patashnik, AIF®, CRPC®, ( a fellow wealth adviser, will explain why municipal bonds are often overlooked; why not all municipal bonds offer the same risk/return profile and how he partners with other financial planners (like JHCo!) to provide expertise.
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Surviving COVID-19 as Business Owners


COVID-19 or the "Coronavirus" interrupted our Cinco De Mayo on May 5th of 2020 but we didn't let it stop our Virtual Cocktail Hour with business owners.

Along with attorney Sahmra Stevenson, the Jason Howell Company was able to co-host a conversation about managing your lease, reviewing your insurance policies applying for the Payroll Protection Program (through the SBA) and dozens of things business owners could do to survive and thrive during the pandemic.

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